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Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick's Day

What I Like (or not) About St. Patrick’s Day

There are green things I like and some green things that…well, turn me green.  It’s the day to celebrate our photosynthesis friend so I thought I’d take some time to spell out my preferences.

Green Things I Like

Beans, traffic lights, spring grass, peas, mint ice cream, trees, shamrocks,  broccoli, four-leaf clovers, money…lots of green money and pistachio pudding please.

 Green Things I Don’t Like  

Leftovers, brussel sprouts, slime, green complexions, jealousy, turnip and collard greens, and guacamole.   Being pinched for not wearing green.  Ouch. I also don’t like too much lettuce in my salad bowl. Thank you very much.

Irish Things I Love

Potatoes (any kind), luck, leprechauns, and my grandkids.