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Endorsements for Teachers Touch Eternity

         “True and inspiring stories that really do prove a teacher’s ability to touch eternity.”

            Jack Canfield,  co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul ® series.

Teachers Touch Eternity is a book that will touch your heart.  You’ll want to read this one.”

Richard Carlson, author of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series.

This book is being used as a book club selection

                                                       by University of Dayton Introduction to Education classes.


Caregiving Elderly Parents            write    


                                         Now Available at

True and inspiring stories written by two baby boomers who are caring for elderly parents.  One lives in Seattle.  One lives in Cincinnati.

 Tips and encouragement for the sandwich generation.  These honest stories will make you laugh and cry.  Great ideas for how to cope with the challenges and ideas for making the most of the experience.

Authors:  Dauna Easley and Marky Olson  

    Endorsements for Caregiving Elderly Parents  

“I have read countless books about aging, caregiving, and other senior issues, but this one is my favorite.  Reading it I got the “I can’t wait to find our what’s next” feeling of a good novel”      -Steve Bogen CFP

“Marky and Dauna share and shed honest light into what it means to care for a loved one.      -Rev. Jane Smith-Worden   Hospice Chaplain

“Truly I hope that when it is my turn I can honor my parents in the same way these ladies have and count my blessings even when I’m feeling more like wilted lettuce”.              –   -Lisa Hechtman

-“These pages are filled with bittersweet moments, humor, practical advice and many tearful and joyful memories – cradled in grace.”        -Carol Hogan  MLS

TEACH…To Change Lives

Available Now at

Full of classroom activities and true inspiring stories about teachers and teaching strategies that change lives.

            Testimonials for TEACH…To Change Lives

Author’s note: I did not ask celebrities, famous athletes, politicians, or best-selling authors for testimonials for this book.  These endorsements are written by former students and their parents.  You won’t recognize their names, but they are the real experts on the qualities it takes to be a great teacher.         I so appreciate and treasure their comments.

 “Dauna Easley’s ability to get students to reach their full potential, even when they doubt themselves, is exactly what all teachers should possess.  She has a special gift in this way.  She understand what students need to become life long learners and be the most successful they can be.                                                                                       -Erin Hunkemoeller

“I know everyone has that special teacher.  I’m talking about a teacher who got to know you and helped you succeed not only in the classroom, but also in life.  For me, that teacher was Mrs. Easley. With her stories and hands on activities, her classroom was always one her students looked forward to. Even after I graduated from high school and found myself having difficulty transitioning into college, she was there giving me the same support she always had.                                                                                           – Allison Schlau

“When the phone rings on a Sunday morning and your child’s teacher is on the other end you panic.  Then the teacher tells you that while your child was at a conference she spoke in front of over one thousand people.  This same child even at age 16 hovered behind me in public.  Mrs. Easley took the time to get to know her and build confidence in her.  She knew how much that phone call would mean. If it hadn’t been for Mrs. Easley my daughter would have never been the woman and teacher that she is today.  To Mrs. Easley students are not a number or a face behind a desk; they are a person and a family she can change for the better.”                                                                                                         -Patti Marx

“Dauna Easley has spent her teaching career being on the front lines. This woman knows how to interact and engage with students of all ages, not unlike Ron Clark or Erin Gruwell. She simplifies and brings a sense of authenticity to a profession bogged down by political discussions. Her musings offer not only an education about being a teacher, but also about the nature of life and the will to pursue dreams.  Quite simply Ms. Easley is the authority on the art of being a teacher.”                                                                –Josh Chamberlain

T– Truth is there are too few great Teachers and Dauna Easley is one of them.

E– Everyone needs an Expert to help them discover their potential.

A Authentic real-life practical Advice from an expert who has been successful

C Common sense suggestions in an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow format.

H Helpful for teachers, aspiring teachers and parents (who are teachers every day).

“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.”       -Kahlil Gibran

My life and my daughter’s life are both richer because of Mrs. Easley.  While Erica decided she wanted to be a teacher in 6th grade, it was not until she spent two years with Mrs. Easley that she understood why she wanted to be a teacher…because Mrs. Easley helped her to find her threshold.  Mrs. Easley has helped shape hundreds of teachers…with this book, here’s hoping she can influence many, many more.  We will all be richer when that happens!                                                              -Linda Denham

Dauna Easley is the only teacher who spent time teaching me to be confident and believe in myself.  She started with a girl who could not order for herself in a restaurant and molded her into a proud women who had the ability to speak in front of hundreds of people at conferences.  I am now a Special Education teacher hoping to instill a bit of the confidence Mrs. E. gave me into the lives of some of my own students.                -Kelly Welling

I heard a speaker at a character education seminar make the statement, “It is dangerous to make our kids smart, and not make them good.”  A few years later my daughter was in Dauna Easley’s class, and I saw that statement in action. She understood what it means to be sure the students not only get the grades but also feel valued, supported, challenged to succeed, and comforted when they fail.  She would made a connection with each and every student in her class and others in the community. She would look for ways around the school to involve her students. to give them experiences to connect with others and be participants in growing positive school climate.  Some of these experiences would really be pushing the students outside their comfort zones, but she would be with them all the way, allowing them to prepare themselves while gently guiding them along the way.    – Cheri Hunkemoeller

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