First I Was a Speaker…

Then people asked, ‘Where’s your book?’

Dauna Easley is a popular national speaker who resides in the Cincinnati area.  She has been invited to speak in 37 states…so far.

Her speaking engagements have included dozens of featured keynote speeches at large teacher conferences.  She also speaks to parent groups, school districts, business groups, women’s conferences, hospital personnel, award dinners and leadership organizations.  She uses humor and true stories to illustrate important concepts to engage audiences.  Easley is the author of two books for teachers, Teachers Touch Eternity and  her newest book, TEACH…To Change Lives.  She is co-author with Marky Olson of a book titled Caregiving for your Elderly Parents.

Current Popular Presentations

  • Teachers Touch Eternity: True stories from the classroom that prove that teachers really do have the opportunity to influence generations.  (Most popular presentation).
  • TEACH…To Chamge Lives:  Great teachers go beyond the curriculum to teach students about making their own lives a success.  This presentation really does change lives.
  • Ask me about other presentations for teachers.
  • Snapshots of My Life:  Assisting parents with the aging process in a positive way.  Stories and suggestions from my book Caregiving Elderly Parents.
  • The Gifts:  Gifts my parents gave me.  Gifts I have given back to them as we change roles.

You may also want to contact Dauna…

…with your conference theme or your group’s need for a speaker.  Dauna has spoken on many other topics.  (See group types listed at the top).  She is willing to tailor her presentation if it falls within her life’s experiences.


“How will I top you for next year?  I don’t think I can!”    – James Compton, Indiana Superintendent.

“Most frequent comment? ‘When can we have her back?.”   Deer Park Ohio superintendent.

“I have been teaching in Kings for  20 years.  This is the best Opening Day we’ve ever had.” passed along to me by Valerie Browning, superintendent.

“I came here worn out and wrung out.  You lifted a heavy load from my shoulders and weight from my chest.”                   -Denver, Colorado audience member.

“At last they bring us someone who really knows what it is like to be in a classroom.  It was like you were inside my head thinking my thoughts.”           – New Mexico audience member.

“I laughed so hard that I cried.”             – St Louis audience member.

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