I play many roles…

I’m a friend:  I like to reflect on life and encourage others.

I’m a writer:  I’ve authored three books titled TEACH…To Change Lives,, Caregiving Elderly Parents and Teachers Touch Eternity.   Teachers Touch Eternity is used by a few colleges as a reading selection for Education students.  My second book for teachers, TEACH…To Change Lives is NOW available at Amazon.com.  Hooray!

I’ve had a wide variety of articles published in magazines, newspapers and journals.  I also write children’s picture books. This year I’ve been working on a novel best described as women’s contemporary fiction.

I’m a teacher:  I have taught preschool, kindergarten, every elementary grade, and high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Whew!  I’m currently supervising student teacher interns for a university.

I’m a speaker:  I’ve spoken in front of large audiences in thirty-seven states.  I speak at conferences and school districts.  I’ve also spoken to business groups, parent groups, leadership programs and hospital audiences.  I once was the keynote speaker at a Neuro-Oncology symposium in Atlanta, Georgia and I’m not a doctor!  Can you imagine?

I’m a parent:  I have one daughter.  She and her husband have blessed me with five terrific grandchildren who keep me laughing and carpooling.  I choose to be very active in their lives.  I  lost my second daughter to cancer.  She is also a big part of who I am.

I enjoy using humor in my speeches, my books, and also in my life.  I love inspiring people with true stories from real life.

I usually post a new blog at DaunaEasley.com  every Monday, unless something really inspires me or makes me laugh and I can’t wait a week.  Visit my site frequently.  I miss you when you’re absent. 

AND if you happen to be facing the challenges of helping your aging parents (me too), I also write blog posts at CaregivingElderlyParents.com

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  1. Dauna,

    A past student of yours suggested your book for our first year read last year. I was disappointed to see it was out of print. Is there anyway to get several books? I am a professor at the University of Dayton and still would love to use your book this coming year. We usually have over 100 incoming first year students and we might offer it with a few other selections such as: Educating Eseme, Teach Like Your Hair is on Fire and Freedom Writers to name a few.
    Thanks for any help you can be to us.

    • Wow! Thank you bohemianspirited mom, you’ve made my day. This is my first blogging award. I’ve always admired the awards on other’s sites. I will happily cut and paste it to my site and “wear it” with pride. Disclaimers ahead of time. It make take me a liitle while to maneuver this. Technology is not my strongest suit.

  2. I am so happy to have come across this page! Hello, Mrs. Easley! This is Michelle Nieman (Mercurio), a previous student of yours from Scarlet Oaks class of 2000. It looks like you are doing wonderfully! I have thought about you, and the positive impact you left on my life so many times I can’t count, you were an inspiration then and you continue to be one still today!!
    All my love~Michelle

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