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Winning the Lottery


Turn Your Losses Around

Do you buy lottery tickets?  Truth is I don’t.  But my brother does.  Recently he sent in a losing ticket to the Ohio Lottery center.  They receive 25,000 losing tickets each week and draw out eight people to come to a TV show called Cash Explosion.

I’ve written a post for my other blog site that I know you will enjoy.  I’m not certain if I’m allowed to copy a blog post from one spot to another, even if I wrote it.  Since I’m a play-by-the-rules kind of a gal, even if I’m not sure of the rules, I’m asking you to visit my other blog site to read my post.

Here are a couple of teasers and a promise

  • I went to the filming of the Cash Explosion show with him.
  • He won money!
  • But I won something more valuable than cash.
  • I promise you’ll like my true story

When you visit my other blog you will see old black and white photos across the top.  The two photos on the right are old pictures of my parents.  The blog I want you to read is titled “How I Won the Lottery!”  But there are some other great posts there also.

Find the blog site at: