Do You Hate to Have Your Picture Taken?


Say “Cheese!”

    I do. I’ll admit it. I hate to have my picture taken.
    “Ridiculous!” you say? I  don’t  think so.

Now, if I were the age, weight, and had the face of any one of these young girls, I’d be sticking the camera out in front of me and clicking away.  No problem.

I’d ‘click’ and text it to the world a dozen times a day. Isn’t that what they do?

That’s probably why young people love the camera function on the cell phone so much.   But I am not one of these three girls.  I am a scrambled design on the square that is supposed to share my photo.  I think it is a purple scrambled design.  Yep, that’s me.  A purple scramble.  I don’t even especially  like purple.

Things I Like Better than Having My Picture Taken

  • Cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush…in a gas station…at a truck stop.
  • Being in the middle of a root canal and hearing the dentist say, “Oops.”  That actually happened to me one time.  Bad story which involved the dentist himself driving me to an oral surgeon.  Still better than having my picture taken.
  • Taking a math exam which requires me to display my understanding of algebra II… which was as clear as mud even when it was ‘fresh’ in my mind.
  • Talking to someone on the phone speaking a language I cannot understand while trying to fix a technology problem on my computer.  That also has happened to me…this week.  Bluk.
  • A mammogram.  Even that is better than having my picture taken.  See the pattern here?

Things I Hate More Than Having My Picture Taken

      • Is there anything at all?  OK.  I have to admit, I’d hate it more to be one of those people on ‘The Biggest Loser’ who wear spandex which reveals their guts while being weighed on a giant scale in front of the entire world.  That would definitely be worse than having my picture taken.
      • Having my picture taken to POST for the world to see.  Yikes, I don’t even like pictures of myself for my eyes only.  Why does everyone keep telling me to post my photo?
      •  Why Won’t They Leave Me Alone?

    • Why must everyone keep telling me I have to get my picture taken and post it on my blog, my facebook page, my author’s page and my book cover?
    • OK.  I realize that I said this was going to be my ‘breakthrough’ year.  I know I promised myself and the blog world that I would ‘breakthrough’ on some longtime hurdles: eating reasonably, exercising consistently and tackling my dread of large doses of technology.
    • I swear I am making fabulous breakthrough headway in all these areas.   I confess I don’t know why this blog has bullets in places I don’t want them, no matter how many times I hit delete. backspace, or the left margin key.  But I am blogging with headings and pictures.  Just not my own picture.
    • I’m eating very reasonably and exercising everyday.  I have been the Wonder Woman of breakthrough in these areas.
    • Just please, stop the talk about posting a photo.  I never promised that.
    • What is so wrong about a square with a purple design?  Maybe I wanted to grow up to be a purple design.
    • Don’t be a hater of purple design people.  At this blog site, we value everyone.  We are an inclusive environment and welcome everyone.
    • But I must admit I do favor, just a little, the people like me, who never post a photo and have the courage to roam the world as a random design.  We are a gutsy crowd not swayed by appearances.

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