The Day After Christmas


Kids hate the day after Christmas. Dads probably feel the let down too. The big TV sports games are over. Back to work looms. Only moms love this day. The shopping, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, dishwashing, cooking again, entertaining, cooking, cleaning again settles down.

But today begins the preparatin for next year. Today is the best and most economical way to purchase next year’s teacher gifts, wrapping paper, Christmas cards, yard and house decorations. For moms Chirstmas preparation is a 365 day proposition. For all those moms who are not still entertaining out of town company, today is probably the best day of preparation. The cooking for big groups is over. It is still days before moms have to face the giant dismantling of the decorations. Today is just low stress after Christmas shopping. Today is the day moms feel most ahead of the game for next Christmas. Anything we do today is a plus, a pat on the back. However, today is a nightmare for moms who have gifts to return. Surely we can put that off at least a day or two. Who has time to return gifts when we have to begin shopping for next year?

Ahhh, but all is well. We have 365 days to pull this all together again. Is 2012 a Leap Year? Do we get an extra day? We can use it.

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