The Beginning


Welcome!  Thanks to a great deal of encouragement from everyone… students, friends, teacher pals, and fellow writers.  I have at last taken the plunge into blogging.

Splash!  My entry is probably more a cannon ball than a well executed dive.  Dozens of well intentioned people have shoved me into the deep end.

Why?  I enjoy writing and love to share and receive encouragement.  That is what my blog home will offer and welcome.  I’ll reflect on thoughts I’m having about life and its triumphs and challenges.  My students would call this circle time.  I hope my readers will find ideas they can use to improve their own lives too.  My blog home will be better if you are willing to share your thoughts, ideas, and encouragement for others here also.  Please enter into the conversation whenever a topic speaks to you.  I don’t mind sending my writing out into the universe, if I know it is reaching you (yes, you!) and making a difference.

Special thanks to Josh who probably nagged me the most consistently about blogging and Abby who helped me create my site.  Where would I be without my young friends who pull and sometimes push me forward?

Finally I’m embracing a new goal.  I hope you’ll follow along.

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